Catster Magazine July / August 2015 ~ Tick Me OFF! (Sphynx & Burmilla) #KK-CATMG-2015-JUL-03

Catster Magazine July / August 2015 ~ Tick Me OFF! (Sphynx & Burmilla) #KK-CATMG-2015-JUL-03

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Description of Catster

Title of Magazine: Catster

Issue Date: Catster July / August 2015

Brand new, unread, unused, subscription copy of Catster magazine packaged in a cellophane envelope as a keepsake collectible. Complete with subscription cards when applicable.

Type of Issue:
Subscription with new blank white label covered for subscriber privacy. Please see photo of item for actual depiction.

Featuring Catster Profiles: Sphynx & Burmilla

Pages: Approximately 96 pages quality editorial content, including advertising index, breeder’s directory, classifieds.

Also Features:
Preferred Breeder Directory
Feline Showcase
Feline Classy-fieds

About Catster:

Catster is the name of a popular North American monthly magazine dedicated to cats, owners of cats, and breeders of cats. Each issue is dedicated to two certain breeds. The magazine also has health and behavior tips, cat product information, cat-themed fashions, and a cat photo gallery, among other regular features. Catster merged with Cat Fancy in 2015.