Collectible Edition Cat Fancy Magazine February 2015 ~ Persian & Toyger #KK-CFMG-2015-FEB-01

Collectible Edition Cat Fancy Magazine March 2014 ~ Home Issue, 5 Ways To Enrich Your Cat's Life (Russian Blue & Turkish Van)

Collectible Edition Cat Fancy Magazine February 2015 ~ Persian & Toyger #KK-CFMG-2015-FEB-01

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Cat Fancy Magazine, February 2015

A high-quality collectible edition of Cat Fancy magazine. 2014 is the last full publication year of Cat Fancy magazine. This magazine has no labels and no ink printed subscriber labels. This issue is in nearly brand new condition. This magazine is packaged in a cellophane envelope as a keepsake for your enjoyment, collection and added protection.

Description of Cat Fancy Magazine

Title of Magazine: Cat Fancy

Issue Date: February 2015

Featured Breed Profiles: Persian & Toyger

Pages: 64 pages

Complete with subscription cards when applicable.

Additional Features This Issue:

Cats Comfort Veterans with PTSD + Cats who Worked as CIA Spies

9 Steps to Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

Love Men Who Love Cats

Also Features:

Cat Breeder Directory

About Cat Fancy:

The authority on all things cat. Cat Fancy is the name of a popular North American monthly magazine dedicated to cats, owners of cats, and breeders of cats. Each issue is dedicated to a certain breed, which is shown on the cover and on a poster inside. The magazine also has health tips, polls, editor’s notes, stories written by cat owners, cat product information, cat themed fashions, and a cat picture gallery, among other features.