Kizzme Goofy Mousie Cat Toys!

Kizzme Goofy Mousie Cat Toys! 

Featuring a special selection of Kizzme Goofy Mousie cat toys which are handcrafted by Kizzme Kitty!    Each toy includes a free sample of Kizzme-riffic Catnip.

Please see our special selection of 2-pack of Kizzme Goofy Mousies here, bundled for best value your kitty’s enjoyment!

Black Leopard Feather & Fur Puff Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-101 $6.95

Hot Pink Leopard Feather Tail Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-102 $6.95

Pink Leopard Maribou Feather & Fur Puf Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-103 $6.95

Pink Leopard With Fabric Fluff Tail Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-104 $6.95

Crazy Pink & White Feather Stretchy Tail Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-105 $6.95

Faux Green Suede Maribou Feather Puff Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-106 $6.95

Purple Squishy Feather Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-107 $6.95

Blue Sparkle Feather Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-108 $6.95

Burgundy Soft Fleece Squishy Feather Fluff Tail Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-109 $6.95

Soft Pink Ruffled Tail Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-110 $6.95

Pink Peace With Wild Pink Feathers Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-111 $6.95

White Ruffles & Pink Feathers Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-112 $6.95

Pink & White Ribbon Soft White “Lulu” Mousie #KK-CT-GM-113 $6.95


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