Cat Fancy Magazine May 2014 ~ 4 Bad Bugs to Avoid (Munchkin, Korat & Savannah) #KK-CFMG-2014-MAY-03

Cat Fancy Magazine May 2014 ~ 4 Bad Bugs to Avoid (Munchkin, Korat & Savannah) #KK-CFMG-2014-MAY-03

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One issue Cat Fancy Magazine May 2014

Description of Cat Fancy Magazine

Title of Magazine: Cat Fancy

Issue Date: May 2014

Condition: A subscription issue of Cat Fancy magazine in nearly like-new condition packaged in a clear cellophane envelope as a keepsake for your enjoyment, collection and added protection. Complete with subscription cards and posters if applicable.

Type of Issue:
Subscription with new blank white label covered for subscriber privacy. Please see photo of item for actual depiction.

Featured Breeds: Munchkin, Korat & Savannah

Pages: 64 pages


Munchkin: Little Cats with Big Hearts

Korat: The Good-Luck Cat of Thailand & Savannah

Pages: 64 pages

Additional Features This Issue:

4 Bad Bugs to Avoid

Make Life GREAT for Your Blind Cat

Meet Russia’s Celebrity Museum Cats

Also Features:

Cat Breeder Directory

About Cat Fancy:

The authority on all things cat. Cat Fancy is the name of a popular North American monthly magazine dedicated to cats, owners of cats, and breeders of cats. Each issue is dedicated to a certain breed, which is shown on the cover and on a poster inside. The magazine also has health tips, polls, editor’s notes, stories written by cat owners, cat product information, cat themed fashions, and a cat picture gallery, among other features.