Kizzme Assorted Goofy Mousies

Kizzme Cat Toy Goofy Mousies

Goofy Mousies, handcrafted and lovingly created by Kizzme Kitty are soft, furry and fun!  All Goofy Mousies are catnip free and every purchase includes a free sample of “Kizzme-riffic Catnip!”  Store your Kizzme Goofy Mousie with a sprinkling of catnip if your kitty pal enjoys catnip.

Our Goofy Mousie style of cat toys are created with lots of love with the very thought of creating plenty of joy and entertainment for your kitty. We utilize a combination of materials from different resources we know cats love while combining eye-catching vibrant colors with things they instinctively enjoy playing with that will no doubt capture their feline attention and provoke your cat’s playful personality. In a sense cats can’t help but love our mousie toys, and we hope you will too!

While every cat’s personality is different and every good kitty deserves a new toy, our Kizzme philosophy is every good kitty can never have too many toys!  We offer a variety of styles, assorted themes and colors to keep our inventory new and fresh.  Please note some of our selections may also be limited as our resources for selected toys may also be seasonal or donated.

Kizzme has a selection of assorted goofy mousies designed in a variety of pleasing and eye-catching colors and dazzling styles to attract and tantalize your kitty pal!    All standard Goofy Mousies are approximately 4″-5″ in length, not including tail length.  Specialty mousies are as indicated.  Choose from our current inventory below:

Kizzme Goofy Mousie Cat Toys! 

Featuring a special selection of Kizzme Goofy Mousie cat toys which are handcrafted by Kizzme Kitty!    Each cat toy mousie includes a free sample of Kizzme-riffic Catnip.

Please also see our special selection of 2-pack of Kizzme Goofy Mousies here, bundled for best value your kitty’s enjoyment!

Black Leopard Feather & Fur Puff Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-101

Hot Pink Leopard Feather Tail Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-102

Pink Leopard Maribou Feather & Fur Puf Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-103

Pink Leopard With Fabric Fluff Tail Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-104

Crazy Pink & White Feather Stretchy Tail Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-105

Faux Green Suede Maribou Feather Puff Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-106

Purple Squishy Feather Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-107

Blue Sparkle Feather Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-108

Burgundy Soft Fleece Squishy Feather Fluff Tail Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-109

Soft Pink Ruffled Tail Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-110

Pink Peace With Wild Pink Feathers Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-111

White Ruffles & Pink Feathers Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-112


Special Goofy Mousies

Pink & White Ribbon Soft White “Lulu” Mousie #KK-CT-GM-113











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