Pink & White Ribbon Soft White “Lulu” Mousie #KK-CT-GM-113


Pink & White Ribbon Soft White “Lulu” Mousie #KK-CT-GM-113

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We love Lulu and we think kitty will too. She’s lovingly handcrafted from fine soft fabric making her soft to the touch and beautiful to any pink ribbon admirer. The soft pale pink ears and curvy kinky tail are similar to the pink ribbon colors of the Breast Cancer Awareness organizations.

This item includes a lovely pink organza bag wrap as depicted in the photo. Lulu is catnip-free and can be used for a variety of purposes, including a fast moving Mousie, as an add-on to an existing cat toy or as simple eye candy for a favorite pal or cat lover.

This item also includes a free sample of Kizzme-riffic Catnip. Packaged and sealed by Kizzme Kitty in a small ziplock-style bag ready for kitty’s enjoyment.

Store your Goofy Mousies with a sprinkling of catnip in a plastic baggy as needed if your kitty pal prefers catnip. She’ll enjoy the the added catnip!

This item is a handcrafted cat toy by Kizzme Kitty.

Reference: # KK-CT-GM-113




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