Kizzme Tiffany-Inspired Good Luck Golf Ball Cat Toy $5.25

Kizzme Tiffany-Inspired Good Luck Golf Ball Cat Toy

Item:  Kizzme Tiffany-Inspired Good Luck Golf Ball Cat Toy
Reference: #KK-CT-GB4
Price: $5.25
Price With Gift Bag: $6.50
Shipping Fee: Free Shipping
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20130630-065649.jpgThe “Kizzme Tiffany-Inspired Good Luck Golf Ball Cat Toy” is delightful eye candy and will surely bring joy and thrills to any cat who enjoys toys that roll. Give your kitty a Kizzme Good Luck Golf Ball or to a friend who enjoys golf so much they’re seeking the elusive lucky once-in-a-lifetime hole-in-one! This item makes a wonderful gift for both kitties and owners no matter how you roll it or slice it. Have a Kizzme-riffic day with our special Kizzme Good Luck Golf Ball!

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20130630-063630.jpgGiving this cat toy as a special gift?  We have a special gift bag just for this toy (see photo)! This special cat toy and gift wrap is just $6.50 with free shipping included!  Order this item with gift wrap here.



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