Kizzme-riffic Catnip 2 Oz

Kizzme-riffic Catnip 2 Oz

catnip-cat-photoAll natural and organic catnip from Kizzme Kitty!

Finely ground catnip packaged by Kizzme Kitty.

211fb-6a016305f8d197970d017743ddcc95970d-150wiTry some today — It’s Kizzme-riffic! 

2 oz  by volume.

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Kizzme-riffic Catnip is also available in 4 oz for $6.95 with Free Shipping! 



Each Kizzme Goofy Mousie Cat Toy is also packaged with a  free sample of “Kizzme-riffic Catnip!”   See a selection of Kizzme’s Goofy Mousie Cat Toys here.