Kizzme No-Scratch & More Fun Pet Cat Toy Gift Set #KK-100-03

Kizzme No-Scratch & More Fun Pet Cat Toy Gift Set #KK-100-03

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Includes the following pet items:

1. Pet Organics Brand No-Scratch for Cats by Nala Barry Labratories. 16 Fl Oz. All-Natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals.

2. New Pet Nail Clippers Stainless Steel with rubberized grips. #KK-HC-SPC-101

3. Cute Cat Face Mini Bag Coin Purse Pouch Treat Supply Holder #KK-CFP-103/1-White

4. Burgundy Soft Fleece Squishy Feather Fluff Tail Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-109

5. Pink Leopard Maribou Feather & Fur Puf Goofy Mousie #KK-CT-GM-103

6. A Kizzme-riffic Catnip sample. Packaged and sealed by Kizzme Kitty in a small ziplock-style bag ready for kitty’s enjoyment. Store your Goofy Mousies with a sprinkling of catnip in a plastic baggy as needed if your kitty pal prefers catnip. She’ll enjoy the the added catnip!

7. Free Issue New Parent Guide (while supplies last)

8. Red plastic gift bag also included.

Photo depicts actual and sample items.

Reference: #KK-100-03