Purple Power Feather Flower Teaser Cat Toy

Purple Flower Power Fancy Teaser Wand Toy

Purple Flower Power Fancy Teaser Wand Toy is a new item which is also a handcrafted cat toy made from non-toxic and new craft items. This new item is packaged in plastic for your pet’s protection and health. The Kizzme feather cat toy is beautiful and joyful cat toy designed with vibrant color, deep purples, pinks and whites, into a variety of lovely complementing textures and colors to delight the finickiest of felines. This teaser toy is beautiful to display in any kitty’s boudoir and is a fine eye-catching handcrafted cat toy. Includes an adjustable 36″ length pink lace rope. A plastic handle for extra grip makes this teaser toy exceptionally handcrafted and user-friendly. Our Kizzme Kiitty loves the feathers on this particular item! Cats love feathers and we’re certain the recipient kitty will too!