6. Funny Cats & Silly Captions

Funny Cats & Silly Captions

cat-hermes-scarfKitty Fantasies!
Ms. Green Eyes models a fancy vintage Hermes green silk scarf while doing her impersonation of “Ms. Pretty Kitty” with a Black American Express Card in one paw while on shopping extravaganza through Petco on Rodeo Drive!

Free kitty organizer with purchase of fancy purse. Limited supplies available!

He’s got the moves like Jagger!

Missed Opportunities!
Ms. Missing Sock Cat missed her calling in her first few lives.. while spending several lives chasing down a dream as a paw model, “Missing Sock” or “Missy” found her new calling as a model for a healthy feline exercise program. Here “Missy” shows us the new alternative stretch technique to reduce neck and back pain.

Sunday Morning TV
Brothers Champ and Junior get settled in for a live Sunday morning spiritual broadcast from KITY, Catville USA. This week’s program has a special guest host “Father Sylvester,” a colorful character with unorthodox practices and an interesting past. Tuned in and turned on, Champ and Junior are mesmerized by ‘Vester’s charismatic charm.

Kitten Scrabble
Nine points and 9 Lives for this super smart kitty!
Kitty Girls’ Night!
Kitty gal pals Georgio and Paris planned a girls’ night of kitty flicks, luxo cat treats, kitty gossip and fun hijinks, but even these two sophisticated movie-going and sand-loving purr-girls couldn’t keep their eyes open through The English Patient!

Silly Cat!
“Oh, you think I’m silly? You should see what my ‘lil sister is doing in the kitchen sink!”

Bath Time
“Hey buddy, would you please pass me the Mr. Bubble.”

The “Cousins Accessory Set” to the Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit!

Morning Rituals!
Kitty and Mommy had a triple espresso with extra sugar this morning… Woohoo!

A real peeping Tom!

The Crazy Cat Lady’s version of Musical Chairs!

“iPad, iPad on the sofa, who’s the fairest of the most of?”

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