7. Funny Cats & Silly Captions

Funny Cats & Silly Captions

New Saturday Mail Delivery
Effective immediately: Reminiscent of a bygone era of the Pony Express and in an effort to maintain its domestic Saturday mail delivery service, the US Postal Service has now engaged over 30,000 volunteer cats throughout the USA. All kitty volunteers have been paw-printed. The Postal Service advises shippers to properly package and/or disguise cat treats, toys and yummy catfood products.

Overheard in Aisle 4 at the pet store:
“Can we please get the cosmo kitten treats? I’ll be a good kitty!”

“Promise to give me the fish bit cat treats, and I’ll promise not to test your smoke alarm at 3am!

Little Bob has joined a weekend acting class for kitties. Here he is acting in a scene from a bar room brawl in which he was just punched out for cheating in a game of Texas Hold’em!

“…. and then I saw the light!”

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